Ok, there's been a lot of time jumping and flashback/flash-forward, then/now going on with the show lately, and we're starting to see some patterns, so here's my thoughts on this. Anyone who's read Hitchiker's Guide will know (jokingly) that any time you try to describe "tense" in a time travel situation, it gets rather confusing, so I'll try to explain as best I can.

There seems to be a pattern (now being realized) that many questions are being answered through time jumping, and the 815 survivors are causing their own situations (Example : It was a mystery as to why Richard was so drawn to John Locke when he was born and so young, and now we know it's because Richard was visited by John in the '50s where John told him to come to where he was going to be born in two years).

Possibly answered question : The reason for the nosebleeds on Sawyer and Juliette and Miles are because they spent 3 extra years on the island than the other 815 survivors, only this was *before* there were any 815 survivors. The memories aren't there for the survivors because they hadn't done them yet...or rather...that did them, but since they hadn't *gone* to do them yet (in the present time) there were no memories to be had yet.

This also (may possibly) explains why Richard went after Juliette to help with the pregnancy issue, since more than likely it will come out that she helped deliver Amy's baby,and when the pregnancy issues develop, Richard (and possibly Ben) will remember who helped in the '70s and will find her in the present time.

What I feel will happen in the near future :

- Someone will plant the idea into Horace's head that having a nice little get away for him and Amy would be a good idea.

- Ben will arrive at the island, and possibly end up having a crush on Juliette (hence the "you look just like her" comment to Juliette from Harper)

- Widmore will turn the wheel moving the island (This I think will be what kicks the "time displaced 815 survivors" back to the present time.)

We're getting to the point where a lot of what the survivors are going through "now" has been put into motion by them "in the past", and I feel this is going to answer many of teh "uhhh....what??" situations they've found themselves in lately.


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