Bunch of others on here, figured I'd share mine.

Based on the comments from the Lost panel, here's my idea....

I'm still a WHH fan, but I'm leaning more and more towards the bomb "changing things". Since the show has been about the people and the choices they make, I think there's a good argument for 815 not crashing, but all the "survivors" now very much like Desmond in that they remember that it did, so they're aware of the change. I also tend to think that the rest of the world will not fare so well. Remember Kelvin told Desmond they were "saving the world" by pushing the button. If there's no button to push, that may mean the world needs more saving. What if the survivor's lives are better now but the world as a whole totally sucks? Could they *make* the decision to put things right? To somehow crash themselves if it new everything for everyone else would be better? Their family? Friends?

Just a thought.

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