I'll admit, when the scene opened and we saw Jacob in his bright white shirt, and Otherman in his dark black shirt, my first thought was "huh, rather bold statement there". Many of the clues in this show have been kind of subtle, and I felt that that opening scene was like them hitting us over the head with a hammer defining good guy/bad guy. Then there's all of Jacob being so calm and collected, and Otherman with the whole "I want to kill you" line, and I think most people had a pretty good idea that Jacob is the good guy and Otherman is the bad guy.

Then Frank makes this comment to Bram about "It's been my experience that whenever someone goes out of their way to tell you they're the good guy, they're usually the bad guy" and now I honestly wonder if Jacob and Otherman might be going through a "Man in the Iron Mask" thing, where....even though he's an ass, Otherman is the "leader", and Jacob had been trying to overthrow *him*. Otherman seems to want to keep the Island secret and keep people off it. I'm guessing The Purge was ordered by Otherman through Ben (with Ben believing the order came from Jacob), whereas Jacob seems ok with people finding the Island (possibly even making sure they get there (sound familiar? Isn't that what Abbadon did)) Maybe Jacob got tired of Otherman always trying to stop him and Jacob did the imprisoning to run the show?

My head hurts thinking about all this lol

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