All Jack's fault

Dinsdale42 January 31, 2010 User blog:Dinsdale42

Think about it...

Virtually every major decision Jack has made has *caused* whatever it was he tried to prevent...

He opted not to save young Ben when he was shot...leaving Sawyer and Kate to take him to the Others.

He opted to call the Keamy and his team a lock on the sat phone and making (eventually) Ben turn the wheel to move the Island. (not really trying to prevent anything here, except Locke and Ben from keeping the Freighties from the Island)

He initiated the "we have to go back" with the O6...after he realized they weren't suposed to have left. (Yes, Hurley thought so too, but Hurley I don't think would have done the convincing and leg work to make it happen)

He hopped on the Faraday bandwagon to blow up Jughead to keep it all from happening....

I think I'm sensing a pattern here...


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