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March 4, 2009
  • Dinsdale42

    From what I walked away from the finale with, the FS was not only a place for the Losties to meet the others whith whom they went through the most significant events of their lives with, but also a chance for their subconscious to "correct" issues they weren't happy with in their lived lives. Jack's daddy issues, as well as Kate's...Hurley's luck and fortune, Desmond's desire to be accepted by was all "constructed" by their subconscious to make their "waiting" a better place than the place they had come from (again, strictly my take on it)...which...oddly enough, is very much like what a lot of folks who seem bitter and pissed about the finale are doing on the blogs here.

    I've noticed that a good number of the people upset wit…

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  • Dinsdale42

    Final thoughts

    May 24, 2010 by Dinsdale42

    I enjoyed it. I won't go into detail as to why, I think the ending was very dependent on what you got from the show overall and what you took from the finale, but all in all, I enjoyed it and felt the ending fit the story. For those who didn't think so, I respect your opinion and won't try to change it, please don't try to change'll be wasting your breath.

    On another note, I got together with some friends for the finale and wanted to show off what I made for it.

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  • Dinsdale42

    Just taking this time to say thanks to all those involved in this site for making it what it is and giving us a place to talk, theorize and...sometimes...vent

    No possible way I could list all the great posts/blogs I've read on here and enjoyed, but folks like Sean Sheep, Station 7, Harcort, Daemon Rising, Celebok, Annied, CooperSimply, Hurley's Hummer, DestinedJourney, RayShepardsShoes, and LOST IN TIME... even if folks didn't agree and were passionate about their opinion...make this site what it is and give and take theories and guesses with the best of them.

    It's been a trip folks. 2 to go and it all comes to an end, but I think that's when the blogs are *really* gonna start jumping. Thanks for making the 3 years I've been reading on her…

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  • Dinsdale42

    I'm not taking credit for this idea, just passing it along.

    So, on another site a friend of mine reads for a certain reality show, there are apparently some threads where folks have been rather curious as to the audio clip from Willy Wonka being used.

    Has anyone here noticed the overall similarities among LOST and Willy Wonka? Group of people invited/brought to a place of odd wonder that seemingly has it's own set of rule by a seemingly all-knowing person/entity wherein said invited/brought people slowly take themselves/get taken out of contention with the last of them still standing being the replacement of aforementioned all-knowing person/entity...all the while a mysterious villain tries to thwart their plan?


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  • Dinsdale42

    I'm not sure who mentioned it in a previous blog (I know someone did however) but, all the times we've seen Des "travel", his consciousness is going *forward* rather than *back*. I used to think it was back (especially in The Constant), but, once I read that statement, and re-watched some episodes, I'm personally convinced that '96 Des hopped forward to '04 Des and not '04 Des hopping back to '96.

    This to me holds true as well in "Happily Every After" where we see FST Des (in 2004), "seeing" things that happened in the OT, roughly 100 days *before* they would have happened.

    Is this what Widmore is wanting Des for? Not only the surviving of an EM catastrophy, but the fact that he can see into a potential future and therefore what MiB might …

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