• Dimashki

    On episode 12 ,,, the episode started showing Ilana and her group working on the BOX , Ben asked them what they have in it , they said it is just stuff they need to move , then ben walked a few meters to speak to ceasor about Locke who was standing not far away watching the sea,

    SO... ILANA has locke body in the box , fake LOCKE stands next to her , and ILANA took no action against that fake locke and she did know that he is fake because the real one body is right there in THE BOX ...???!!!! Instead of that she lets the "Fake Locke" leave freely to complete his plan and kill jacob "who asked her for a favor" and she carry the dead body all that way just to show it to the others.

    I am confused with ILANA role (helping jacob) what do you thin…

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