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July 13, 2010
  • DieYoungStayPretty

    Wouldn't it have made more sense to switch the names of these stations? The Pearl is a station that moniters a second station without them knowing, ie a Looking Glass (yes, I know that's a mirror, but in Through the Looking Glass, the novel, it functions as something else). The Looking Glass is an underwater station communications station that is hidden from immediate view (like a pearl inside a clam/oyster). The Looking Glass's title doesn't make any sense at all except that it contributes to the title of the third season finale.

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  • DieYoungStayPretty

    Do you think...

    November 30, 2010 by DieYoungStayPretty

    ... the show would've been able to wrap up the mysteries more effectively if the last three seasons were full-length instead of half-length?

    I'm not saying that every single mystery had to be wrapped up, that would be awful. It's always good to have something open to interperetation, or to have a very general revelation that allows you to fill in the blanks (ie, Libby in Santa Rosa).

    But "The End", while epic and very well-done, didn't really offer a huge ammount of closure, and the "final twist" was a redux of a fan theory from the first season (the Island is Purgatory -> the flash-sideways is a Purgatory-like place).

    If they'd had 23/24-episode seasons instead of 16 and 17-episode seasons, they would've been able to pace themselves much bet…

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  • DieYoungStayPretty

    So, no season premieres or finales (including "Pilot, Part 2" and "The Lie"), "The Constant" or the first four episodes the first season.

    For me, my personal favorites (other than every Boone- and Shannon-centric episode) are "Whatever the Case May Be", "Do No Harm", "Enter 77" "The Shape of Things to Come", "He's Our You", and "The Candidate", except for the ending.

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  • DieYoungStayPretty

    ...patterns in episode centricities? 1x07 - 1x10 AND 2x12 - 2x15 go Charlie, Sawyer, Sayid, Claire, and 4x06 - 4x08 and then 4x15 - 4x17 go Kate, Juliet, Desmond and immediatly follow an episode in which the centric character(s) died?


    ...that at least one main character dies in the 14th episode of the last four seasons. 3x14, "Expose", Nikki & Paulo. 4x14, "There's No Place Like Home Part 3", Michael. 5x14, "The Variable", Daniel. 6x14, "The Candidate", Sun, Jin and Sayid.

    WEIRD, MAN...

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  • DieYoungStayPretty

    For me, the best episode was probably "There's No Place Like Home". It's like a movie! Also, one of my all-time favorites is "Enter 77". And I have a couple of worsts. "Flashes Before Your Eyes". It wasn't executed correctly. That being said, I liked "The Constant". "Homecoming", okay story, WRONG centric character, and "Everybody Hates Hugo"... just didn't like it.

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