Who were the shooters in the outrigger boat???

In the Season 5 episode called "The Little Prince", Sawyer, Juliet, Miles, Faraday, Charlotte and Locke find a couple of outrigger boats on the beach, and use one to get to the other side of the island and access the Orchid quicker. They find an Ajira water bottle in the boat. They are shot at while paddling, and are saved by one of the time flashes. Assuming these are the same boats used by Sun and Frank Lapidus, Ben and Flocke, and later by Ilana and company; who were the people shooting at them? Since Sawyer, Juliet and team found the outriggers on the beach of the main island, it's reasonable to assume that they were at a point in time AFTER the whole Ben killing Jacob event. This raises a couple of questions- Who's in power after Jacob's murder? Ilana? Flocke? Ben? What is their motivation for shooting at Sawyer, Juliet and Co.?

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