• Dharmaman

    I was just wondering if anyone noticed the nurse who told Penny to stay in the waiting room while they work on Des ? She to me looks very familiar.

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  • Dharmaman

    Ben / Dr. Jack

    March 31, 2009 by Dharmaman

    These are just thoughts of mine and not a SPOILER...

    Since Ben gets shot in the last episode and Sayid runs in to the jungle going to where...? Meet up with Richard ?. Jack will come to Ben's rescue saying "Let me Fix him". Agreed ? This will cause division / fighting among Kate / Sawyer / Jack & Hurley and may ruin LaFluer's and Juliet's Dharma life as they know it.

    Further more Horace and the other Dharma peeps are not going to be "Happy" with the prisoner Sayid shooting such a "nice upstanding Dharma boy" This will cause great tension between the "Others" and the Dharma which may break the truce.

    In other words #%^#% is going to hit the fan !

    My first post so fire away !

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