This is a question I've never really thought about before. But the relationship with Ben and the Smoke Monster is interesting to me and is something I want to study out more. So concerning the Smoke Monster, we know Ben can summon him from a room connected to his Dharma house as we see in Dead is Dead. Ben also used this room to summon the monster in The Shape of Things to come when he called the monster to attack Keamy's people. Here's the problem I'm having:

  • In Left Behind we see Juliet take advantage of the Sonic Fence when being chased by Smokey. She claims to Kate that, "They don't know what it is, but they know it doesn't like the fence." So how could Smokey be rolling through Dharmaville in The Shape of Things to come if Dharmaville is protected by the Sonic Fence?
  • Then it should be taken into account that we saw where the Smoke Monster "dwelled" in Dead is Dead. And from the Blast Door Map and other sources we've learned that there are tunnels connecting under the ground and many are under Dharmaville. So if Smokey can travel into Dharmaville in the tunnels, what is the point in the fence helping protect them?
  • I believe the fence was established not only to alert them to hostiles but to keep Smokey out too. So basically what knowledge did Dharma have of the Smoke monster and the tunnels when it built the Sonic Fence?

Anyone's input on this would be appreciated!

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