OK round 3 on my blog series about Season 6 predictions:

John Locke (the real Locke, the one that's dead right now)

I have some many thoughts and crazy theories on him. He's been told he is special is whole life by the people closest to him but the last time we saw him, he was flopped out of a coffin, laying on the beach. It turns out the poor man has been manipulated his whole life. Now some ancient enemy of Jacob is possessing his body. So will the real John Locke please stand up. What do you all think will happen with our deceased friend in season 6?

My crazy theory is that he will be resurrected by Jacob and possessed by him to go fight a war against his enemy. This is a wild theory because it will then be Locke v. Locke. But hey anything could happen. I do firmly believe we haven't seen the last of him. Your thoughts please :)

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