Hey all. I kinda want to make a blog series here to move on from all the crazy talk about fan fiction that is littering the site. That stuff is fun but lets talk about the show. So I want to make a few blogs about your predictions on certain characters for season 6.

First Character: Desmond Hume

There's been news out about Henry Cusick being in legal trouble. Some people say that is the reason Desmond did not appear in the last few episodes of Season 5 and was curiously left out of the season finale. My prediction for Desmond is that he is completely essential to the way the story ends. Ever since we were introduced to Des in the first episode of season 2, I loved him. Throughout his story we find that he is "special". That has been said many times in Lost and we yet to know what it means for him but I thought I would point out a few things about him.

In Season 5 during the time flashes, Faraday knocked on the hatch door and met Desmond. When Faraday was flashed away Desmond was the only character that wasn't involved in the time flash to notice the time flash. But right after that scene Des woke up in bed with Penny and said he had recalled this memory. I think Desmond is mentally attached to the island somehow. His conscience is tied in with all the timelines that are happening on the island. As Eloise said, "The island isn't done with you." So my prediction is that Desmond will end up saving the island somehow in Season 6 as he did by turning the fail safe key. I'd like to hear everyone's thoughts.

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