Numero Two in my blog series for Season 6 character predictions:

Aaron Littleton

Aaron has been with us since the beginning in some form. He was still inside Claire early in season 1, then birthed a a very emotional episode with Boone dying at the same time. He is included as one of the Oceanic 6, claimed to be the son of Kate. The last time we saw Aaron was when Kate left him in the care of his grandmother in LA before departing on Flight 316. So my prediction of Aaron for season 6 is that he will be brought back to the island. All of the Oceanic 6 were visited by Jacob and I believe that he was too. He's very important in the fact that he was actually born on the island, when so many had died. I won't go to the extent in saying that he is Jacob or anything but I believe his role on the island is a crucial on for the next generation so to speak. I'm hoping to see an older version (20-30 yr old) Aaron in season 6, perhaps with Ji Yeon, on the island. What are your thoughts and hopes for him?

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