I'm still somewhat confused about what year the 316 people are in. Locke, sun, ben, ilana, bram etc etc. I've heard people argue 2007 and some for 2008. Lostepedia says this about the timeline.

"In January of 2008, flight 316 departed from LAX in Los Angeles, California bound for Guam, a U. S. territory in the western Pacific. Ten hours into the flight, the airplane began to experience heavy turbulence and a flash of bright light engulfed the plane sending them back in time, some to 2007, some to 1977."

Now that makes it seem like the 316 people went back in time as well but only to 2007. why would they only go back a year? I know this hasnt been the topic recently but we're going to soon see the 316 people and hopefully they'll all be reunited.

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