• Dharmahxc

    Richard Alpert = RA

    December 6, 2009 by Dharmahxc

    I've seen many speculate over the years that Richard Alpert = Ra, The Sun god of Egypt. However, I have a new theory that I don't think has been discussed on here.
    I'm a self proclaimed amateur Bible theologian and according to Strong's Concordance, Hebrew word #7451 is ra'. This word means bad or evil and is used repeatedly in the Old Testament.
    So I can draw a theory that Richard Alpert was never meant to connect to the Egyptian god at all. Perhaps Mr. Alpert's name is meant to symbolize he is plain down evil. Thoughts?

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  • Dharmahxc

    The Sonic Fence and Smokey

    November 15, 2009 by Dharmahxc

    This is a question I've never really thought about before. But the relationship with Ben and the Smoke Monster is interesting to me and is something I want to study out more. So concerning the Smoke Monster, we know Ben can summon him from a room connected to his Dharma house as we see in Dead is Dead. Ben also used this room to summon the monster in The Shape of Things to come when he called the monster to attack Keamy's people. Here's the problem I'm having:

    • In Left Behind we see Juliet take advantage of the Sonic Fence when being chased by Smokey. She claims to Kate that, "They don't know what it is, but they know it doesn't like the fence." So how could Smokey be rolling through Dharmaville in The Shape of Things to come if Dharmaville …
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  • Dharmahxc

    Your "Other" Show

    November 15, 2009 by Dharmahxc

    Hello Lostpedia friends,

    We're all eagerly anticipating our favorite show to premiere in January, but in the meantime, what else do you watch? Please comment with your selection from the list below:






    Stargate Universe

    Other (Do tell)

    As for me, I've watched Fringe since the beginning, and V has recently captivated me!

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  • Dharmahxc

    John Locke

    November 12, 2009 by Dharmahxc

    OK round 3 on my blog series about Season 6 predictions:

    John Locke (the real Locke, the one that's dead right now)

    I have some many thoughts and crazy theories on him. He's been told he is special is whole life by the people closest to him but the last time we saw him, he was flopped out of a coffin, laying on the beach. It turns out the poor man has been manipulated his whole life. Now some ancient enemy of Jacob is possessing his body. So will the real John Locke please stand up. What do you all think will happen with our deceased friend in season 6?

    My crazy theory is that he will be resurrected by Jacob and possessed by him to go fight a war against his enemy. This is a wild theory because it will then be Locke v. Locke. But hey anything…

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  • Dharmahxc

    Aaron Littleton

    November 11, 2009 by Dharmahxc

    Numero Two in my blog series for Season 6 character predictions:

    Aaron Littleton

    Aaron has been with us since the beginning in some form. He was still inside Claire early in season 1, then birthed a a very emotional episode with Boone dying at the same time. He is included as one of the Oceanic 6, claimed to be the son of Kate. The last time we saw Aaron was when Kate left him in the care of his grandmother in LA before departing on Flight 316. So my prediction of Aaron for season 6 is that he will be brought back to the island. All of the Oceanic 6 were visited by Jacob and I believe that he was too. He's very important in the fact that he was actually born on the island, when so many had died. I won't go to the extent in saying that he is …

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