I would just like to pose this question for my own benefit more than any other reason. The Incident, to the best of my knowledge, was the release of the electromagnetic energy from the Swan construction site in 1977, and the event itself had nothing to do with the detonation of the hydrogen bomb. From the early episodes of Season Two, we have reason to believe that part of the site was filled in with concrete. Since I do not claim to be educated in the field of engineering, is it possible that concrete could hold the energy at bay (provided that some is released every 108 minutes)? A more pressing question is, how could DHARMA access the site with any vehicle of metallic composition without being affected by the electromagnetism?

After the finale, the alleged detonation of the bomb at the end of Season Five was one of the major points of discussion. Whatever Juliet attempted to do, she managed to send everyone back to where they belong in 2007. But, was the bomb detonated?

My theory stipulates that the energy contained in Jughead was part of the failsafe mechanism implemented in the Swan after the Incident. Ridiculous as it may sound, could the energy released by Jughead's detonation have sealed the pocket? This would give DHARMA time and the capability to study the site, concluding that there was now a pocket of nuclear energy AND a pocket of electromagnetic energy, and thus filling the site with concrete to minimise the effect of radiation. DHARMA implemented the "button" mechanism, stationed two people down there at a time, but there was always a risk that this would become unsustainable. The failsafe mechanism was introduced, which would tap into and activate Jughead's nuclear energy, allowing it to react to the electromagnetism, and thus negating it, just like Daniel Faraday had proposed 30 years earlier.

I simply don't buy into the fact that the failsafe merely released the electromagnetic energy into the atmosphere, and had no consequences for anyone apart from Desmond. This theory would resolve what happened with the bomb, something that I have been considering a lot lately.

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