Just an entry to echo what other bloggers have already said, nothing can prepare me for what lies ahead tonight. Never before has excitement meshed with sadness in such a bittersweet way. Just over five years have passed since I watched this magnificent work of art for the first time, and since then I have been captivated by incredible writing, insatiable characterisation and a heartwarming relationship between Damon, Carlton and the fans.

As I already said, tonight will bring a flurry of mixes emotions. My only hope is that instead of tears of sadness, I will be left with an open mouth of shock which would follow the trend of every season finale prior to this. We have travelled too far to be let down by one episode, so even if the finale might not be to everyone's tastes, I think it is inevitably going to spark debate and conversation among millions.

I have noticed the theories on Lostpedia have dried up in recent days, and I feel that this is because everyone has absolutely no idea what is going to happen! We can deduce that the Source will be the focus of the OT, and that the concert will be the focus of the FST, but beyond this, we are left at the mercy of Darlton. However, if they were to pull it off, to give a fitting end to a series that has reached far beyond the realm of imagination, then I daresay it would be THE greatest achievement in the history of television.

Post-Lost, however, I am troubled about what can take its place. We are possibly seeing the end of monumental serialized television drama as we know it, and as a result, any future projects will most likely be self-contained to an extent in order to avoid confusion, but these shows will never leave the same legacy that Lost has, but that's an argument for another day.

So, tonight, I'm staying up until 5am to watch it on Sky 1, preceded by hours of watching our favourite classic episodes, and I'm pretty sure I will be left a tired, emotional wreck by the end of it, but in a good way.

So, here's to Lost, arguably the finest televisual creation of the 21st Century, and the dozens of Lostpedians who I've come to know over the past year. Despite by lack of contribution, I have observed your comments and theories for the past five years...and I will miss the wildness of the theories, the humour of the user blogs and the precision of the article pages.

Farewell and namaste.

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