One of my favourite Lost quotes.

I take it for granted that when John Locke says that he looked into the "eye" of the Island, he was referring to his first encounter with the monster as shown here -> [1]

But how could an encounter with a billowing mass of black smoke seem beautiful to Locke? Surely the Man in Black and Locke made a connection of sorts there and then? I believe Locke was fed delusions that he was special by the Man in Black between visions and signs that everything was happening for a reason, but I have this itching feeling that something significant happened in the video link I posted above. The writers need to be make a better connection between Season 1 and Season 6 in the last five episodes. I hope that Adam and Eve will be identified, and thankfully the whispers have been explained. However, it will do the show a lot more justice if they make a reference to this particular moment identified above.

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