Just a thought but what if the losties don't change anything. What ever happened happened. They stay in 1977 and stay in the dharma time line. Only to live out their lives on the island. So if that happens there are two ways it could go.  1- they stay with dharma (somehow) and die in the purge. As Richard said "I watched them all die" a sad fate for our losties :(  2- they escape dharmas clutches and join Richard and the others. Living with them in the underground tunnels and temple. Hiding from dharma and On September 22, 2004 they bare witness to their crash that starts it all. Maybe Jack never had "visions of his father on the island" maybe it was his older self making sure all is ok and going as planed. I know in the mobisodes jacks father tells Vincent to wake his son but they never put that in the show,why? Maybe because it's not jacks father but Jack himself. Who knows maybe Richard and his temple crew. were on seen waiting for the crash and when it happened they used clorofill or something like that to put the 815 survivors to sleep giving them more time to work on survivors. The crash didn't really look like it just happened in the opening seen. We all know that sometime the losties lose memory like Clair after Ethan. Charlie after Ethan hung him and many more. Room 23 might come into play for removing memories. Jack is also a miracle spinal surgen perhaps older Jack (while all the losties were out cold) repaired John Lockes crushed spine.  I undertand that they would have to be out for some time but who knows. Or Jacks father might be on the island but not in they way we think. Christian might have been contacted by the others before his death in australia, brought to the island only to travel forward in time for short periods in order to appear to individuals who need to be placed on certain paths like Jack, John, Claire and anyone else who saw him.  Christian is also a surgen maybe he repaired Johns spine while they were out. In the end christians desteny is to die in Australia so when his work was done he goes to die just like John left the island knowing he'd die. In a show as glorious as lost all theories are on the table and nothing is impossible. That is why we love it dearly and will miss it when it's gone. It provokes a train of thought like no tv show before it. Stay lost. Nemeste Dharma Jay            

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