My season six thoughts

Opening seen  There's a blonde woman her back is turned she's dressed in old taterd clothes and wood sandles. There's two small children in the room with her. A closer look reveils the children are boys and they're playing backgammon. You here the womans voice it sounds formiliar. She's says in laton "play time is over time to come eat .......Jacob. And just when you think the lost logo is coming with it's trade mark thud. The camara pans to show the woman is Juliet. The camara pan out to sea and shows the island and you see a old stone city with a large central piramid shaped temple. As the scene fades to black you hear the young Jacob say "coming mommy" LOST thud!

How? As seen in the finale. We have reason to believe Juliet is pregnant. My thought is that when we see the flash of white all the losties flash to different times. Juliet ends up in ancient times on the island were she is simply appears to the people of the island out of thin air. They presume she is a god come to earth. She begins helping the people of the island with the problem of child birth. Both the mother and child die before the baby is born. With her medical history she solves the problem. To the native this is proof that she is a god and in there beliefs the god of fertility is Taweret, they assume Juliet is Taweret so they errect a statue of Taweret with some of Juliet attributes (like the butt and hair) in her honor. So my theory as far fetched as it is, states that Juliet and Sawyer are Jacobs parents and maybe even the parents of twins (nemesis,fake Locke,mib, esaw) might be Jacobs brother the other boy playing backgammon. I wrote a theory similar to this a while back but have added to it since. Thanks for reading. Stay LOST.  NAMESTE  Dharma Jay

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