• DharmaKing

    ben killed real locke in the hotel and was subsequently cruising around with him in the coffin when they were off-island. jack brings locke to the airport in the same coffin. so, how did he end up with the 316ers in that huge, metal box? would the airline do that? am i completely overlooking something?

    can someone help set this straight?

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  • DharmaKing

    At least i believe it's new...

    With the seeming black/white dichotomy that's being set-up between Jacob and Otherman (my preference), could the black/white stones represent these two?

    Granted, they find the bodies in the before we see Jacob alive in 2007/8, but i think time travel renders this point pretty much obsolete.


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  • DharmaKing

    food drops

    March 31, 2009 by DharmaKing

    so, i've been thinking lately about the food drops that was introduced during the first season. as we now know that the 815ers were back in dharmaville, it seems possible that the losties themselves planned the drops for the future, agreed?

    however, where exactly do they come from? as far as we can tell, in 2004, dharma is completely wiped out. who is still making dharma food, where are they making it, and how is it getting parachuted to the losties? any thoughts on this?

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  • DharmaKing

    The Runway

    March 24, 2009 by DharmaKing

    Doesn't the fact that the runway still exists on the Hydra Island in 2007 lead us to believe that the timeline hasn't been altered? If the timeline was changed and, for example, The Purge never happened, would the runway that was ordered by Ben/Jacob still be there?

    This is my first post, fire away...

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