The acting was superb. I cried and cried, but I'm left wanting more. I have no problem with the episode other than the ENDING. Not Jack dying, but the FS being the place you hang out until you realize your dead. Season 6 and season 5 to an extent, deviated so far from where Lost took us in the first 4 seasons, I've felt I've been watching a different show. If it had been more faith less science maybe I'd have been better prepared. I'm still working it all out and hope I reach a peace about it. Does anyone remember me saying I hope they don't pull the Life on Mars ending??? For all intents and purposes it's the same: You're invested knee deep in a story that has nothing to do with the real story. I will say this: that I do understand the David thing. Jack wanted a father son relationship that worked. Right about the time he got that with David is the time he began to be ready to move on in the flash sideways (with some prompting from others). The scene with Christian was great though. I think the line: some died before you and some died way after you, tells us alot. I did want the FS to be REAL. It looked real. Sounded real. Not real. AND did anyone watch Jimmy Kimmel? I really thought they were going to show real alternate endings. I should have known that wasn't real either. Also, I'm just banging my head over all the mysteries created and NEVER addressed or even revisted i.e Henry Gale and the whole list on Lostpedia. And so, like the Truman Show, we just change the channel. Click.

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