Is anyone else ticked about how Danielle was killed off? I really liked her character, the reuniting with her daughter, and then they are both killed (along with Karl) by the freighter folks??? I know I'm a little behind the times in bringing this up, but I've been rewatching all the seasons, too. I just think that after surviving all that time on the island "alone" that no one should have been able to get the drop on Danielle. I like how they brought her character back into the series as the young woman who first landed on the isle, but they missed the opportunity for the "implanted" memory (like what Desmond had -in the future - when Farraday talked with him outside the hatch backdoor -in the past-) since her character wasn't alive in the future to suddenly remember she had met Jin.

Secondly, I cannot get over the fact that Kate left Aaron. I know he's with his real grandmother, so no worries there. BUT she LEFT HIM BEHIND. And at an age where he knows he was left. That his mommy is gone. This is the kind of thing that will scar him for the rest of his life. Kate may have had all the wrong reasons for keeping Aaron but once she made the choice to, she should have stayed forever. "I'm going back to find Claire" is subterfuge.

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