Watching "The Brig" with my 20/20 hindsight I've come to this conclusion: Sawyer/James/LeFleur will never leave the island. Ben is encouraging Locke to join the Others by showing an act of 'free will' ala killing his father. Thanks to Richard, Locke pulls the switcho/changeo and wrangles Sawyer into killing him. We know Sawyer did it as a willing act once he found out Locke's father was in fact the same man who conned his mom leading to his parent's death. So Sawyer showed the act of free will to become an Other (whether he knew it or not). We've seen Sawyer try to leave the same as we've seen Juliet try to leave. Almost, but not close enough: jumping off the helicopter, agreeing to turn back in the sub, and being angry when the Losties came back to 'rescue'. I know he's been wasting away in Dharmaville for those three years, but is it possible Sawyer is an Other now? I wonder what Juliet's act of freewill was to join the Other's? Maybe this explains the pairing of Sawyer & Juliet. I know I'm not on the same rewatch schedule as everyone else. And as an aside -- the thought crossed my mind that the 'man from Tallahassee' in this episode may have been a manifestation of Nemesis, but I can't tell you where this thought springs from just an impression from the scene, no proof. The final season had better be full to the brim with answers!!!!

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