Could it be that Kate & Sawyer ARE meant to be together? Some points on this: 1. When Claire left Aaron in the jungle it was Sawyer who took care of him first. 2. In the mental hospital when Jack vistited, Hugo gave a message to Jack from Charlie that read "you're not suppose to raise him" 3. Juliet is now out of the way. 4. Kate had 'relations' with Sawyer first. 5.Claire told Kate in the dream "don't you dare bring him back", but she did NOT say you're not suppose to raise him. 6. When Sawyer got back to the beach it was Kate he gave Aaron to. 6. It was Sawyer's voice that calmed Aaron down when Charlie couldn't get Aaron to stop crying.

I think Jack & Locke are meant to remain on the island or I did think that until Locke became Flocke.

I'm not saying it is so, just a what if.

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