I love the relationship aspects to Lost - it is great heartstring drama -at least I think so and I have been contemplating Sawyer's jump from the helicopter, his motivations and what it meant to the storyline: He jumped to save everyone else, I think Hugo in particular, he jumped for the love of Kate, or he jumped because he had nothing to go back to. So in the end the con-man got to be the stand up guy this last season. BUT----What if Jack, our resident stand up guy, had jumped from the helicopter?: He jumped to save everyone else, he jumped for the love of Kate or he jumped because he had unfinished island business . I know we would have missed out on all those cool hoffs-drawlars and we'd never had seen Sun's scream scene when Jin exploded, but I think the story would have been better. I like to think that Kate and Sawyer should have been raising Aaron, for reasons I posted a long time ago. Just imagine Kate, Sawyer, & Aaron at a playground and up rolls Bentham saying you've got to come back...Jack needs you etc..and for the record Jack and Juliet would have had the 70's love fest. It would have been so cool to see Jack screaming at Sawyer "we didn't need YOU to save us"!

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