Part 1. Remember when TV shows had no endings? Starting in September through May our favorite shows could be counted on week after week , year after year. There was a Halloween episode, thanksgiving episode, christmas, new years, valentine etc...episodes. Episodic television has changed to sporadisodic (new word) television. I hate that you can no longer count on your time slot. Your favorite show can jump days/times and if you don't have DVR your screwed. And if only 5 million people watch a show it's deemed a failure. Part 2. It has always bothered me that on Lost no one said "Today's Halloween" or "let's have a thanksgiving dinner" or "christmas is coming soon", or "happy Hannakah" or "whatcha doing for new year's eve (could have been a Sawyer line). Most of the people on the plane are American and this just seems natural dialogue. I know Lost is in a different realm and there is tons of turmoil, but not all the time. If I've missed some dialogue pertaining to this I guess I've just forgotten so correct me if necessary. AT LEAST birthdays have been brought up. I think some richness of the story to be told would be heightened by these life events most everyone holds dear. Thanks for listening.

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