Is the lowest common denominator for the fight for the island Jacob and Nemesis? Have we finally gotten to the crux?

I used to think it was: Lostie/Other, then Lostie/Tailies, then Other/Dharma, then Other/Military, then Other/Original inhabitants, then Ben/Charles, then Dharma/Ann Arbor (if Dharma went 'rogue'), and then present Losties/future Losties.

Does everyone remember Tom saying "this is our island, not your island? "(or something to that effect). I've always thought--tell them something they don't know. The Losties crashed there, they know it's not theirs. Which leads me to this supposition: Maybe the original others could not be sure who they were dealing with. Maybe the others were on the lookout for those dead/alive who were possessed by smokey.... OR ....they knew WHH and knew/know the island was in for another FDW turn. It seems to me this was a first inkling of a fight for the island.

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