ive been thinking alot about lost since its ending. I love the show and always will....BUT I go back and forth loving the ending and feeling disappointed by it. I do appreciate the writers choice to let us make our own assumptions about the ending (especially the concept of the 'heart of the island'), however at the same time i would love to have a straight forward explanation which would allow me to be at peace. Some people may fully accept the ending but it is a bit harder for me. I understand the overall vague explanation of the mythology (The source, the island, the monster etc.) but im left wanting something more..... complex. I would love to sit down with the writers and interrogate them about their personal ideas of the mythology. I'm sure they would have had in depth conversations about the different interpretations of the show. Overall, i love lost and think it is close to a masterpiece.

I apologise for the incoherence of this post. They were just a few feelings, i felt i should share.

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