Who's in most need to see a psychologist? Now before you all say Ben, I actually don't think any treatment would help him. He seems to have a set path for life and like Richard Alpert said 'He will always be one of us" so i've left him out. I have narrowed it down to a three way tie between Kate, Jack and Sayid. Here are my reasons:

Kate - She's is so indecisive. She can not stay in one place for longer than about a month and every relationship she has, seems to crumble in no time at all. eg. Her husband, Jack, Sawyer and even poor aaron who she's left motherless. She really needs to sort herself out.

Jack - One word, obsessed, once he's got his mind on something he won't stop until he sees it fulfilled and most of the time he go's a little to far. Aka hydrogen bomb. He just needs to slow down and get his head straight.

and finally

Sayid - oh poor Sayid. He just needs a little love, he has no friends and all of his love interests die. He still hasn't got over Nadia, so before he starts shooting people again I think he needs to get some help.

So what do you guys think?

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