When the survivors come back, it's undoubted that the media back "home" is going to have a field day with them, unless they make it back to the mainland without anyone knowing (which is very unlikely). But lets say the media erupts in a firestorm again, how on Earth are the "survivors" going to explain the following?:

  • Why did the rest of the passengers of Flight 316 disappeared
  • Why did the Oceanic 6, the only 6 known survivors of Oceanic Flight 815, all take Ajira Flight 316? And why did only one of the 6 come back alive?
  • How did four people who never boarded Ajira Flight 316 at LAX manage to get aboard? And how in the world are they going to explain how two survivors from a previous UNRELATED plane crash ended up on the flight back?
  • How did they even manage to get off the island on the same plane?

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