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  • Deucedub17

    So I was wondering what the most "dude" Hurley has said in the least amount of time in one scene. This last episode I counted Hurley's "dude" and he said 6 "dudes" in about 47 seconds. That was pretty fast for 6 "dudes". Is there anyone else who can find a faster "dude" count for Hurley than 6 in 47 seconds? Please tell me if you can find one so I can re-watch it and laugh until I pee my pants. Thank you.

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  • Deucedub17

    So I saw this sign while watching the episode and usually when something like this is shown on Lost there is something behind it. I was wondering what the sign translate to. Please if any one can help me out with this please do. I know it is not the best screen shot but its all I could get of it.

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  • Deucedub17

    I'm mad at myself...

    February 25, 2009 by Deucedub17

    So I was going through the recent changes page and I noticed an article on the Ajira Airways talk page about Locke's walkabout. There was a link and I clicked on it and it turned out to be a spoiler. After realizing it was a spoiler I deleted the section that contained the link and then went back to look at all the sneak peaks I could find about the next episode and I am severely disappointed at myself for doing so because now I won't be as shell shocked as I normally would be when watching Lost. Please don't post links to spoilers because the idiot I am will go click on it to see what it is and I will be disappointed again.

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