At least one of our major characters is sure to die in this final season. A show with such an epic scope such as LOST is sure to pull on the heart-strings at some point in its countdown to completion. With that being said heres how i would evaluate the odds of each main characters chances of buying the farm -

Sawyer 3:1 - Gotta be the favourite based on not only what we saw last episode with his alignment with MIB but after Juliette's passing what does James Ford really have to live for? Ben 7:2 - Linus certainly deserves to pay for his sins and an often thought of theory is he will ultimately sacrifice himself in some way to save the island/losties and ultimately find redemption. Kate 5:1 - Not the most popular of LOST characters and the writers have been known to cater to the fans whims(see Nikki/Paulo). Sayid 5:1 - Could be "dead" already. If that really is Sayid alive at the Temple his dubious past might restrict him making the show's end credits alive. Jack 12:1 - Initially i had Jack at 1000:1 but the more i thought about it the more i think the death of Jack would be a punch to the guts none of us would expect and a plot device the crafty LOST writers could use to completely blindside us. Everyone sees Jack as the hero of the show and his death would be the least expected. Jin 25:1 - At some point we will see the reunion of Sun and Jin. Its been such a long build up its hard to see them being tragically ripped apart again. Hurley 250:1 - No chance.

Well let us know if you agree/disagree with these odds or is there someone else you think will die?

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