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April 23, 2009
  • Destinee880

    1. Is this too far out, or did Charles Whidmore get plastic surgery to look like Locke so he could find a loophole and get back to the Island???

    2. When Change made the comic-con video shown on lostpedia, where he told the viewer that he knew they were all going to die in a violent purge, he said that the Dahma Initiative must be ressurected in order to maybe come and save them all. He told the viewer the president was now Bush and we used a thing called the internet atc.... Now on that video, he tells his wife laura to take the child out of there, and im sure its been confirmed that faraday was the one filming it. Now Faraday is dead, Laura and child (miles) have been sent off the island, but Chang is still unaware of the purge as yet, and…

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  • Destinee880

    This isnt a theory, and I am absolutely loving this season of LOST, but one thing that bugged my friends and I was.. When Sayid shot young Ben. He is a trained Iraqi soldier, do we believe that if he wanted to kill Ben he would've? I mean - 1) I dont think he would have failed to kill anyone with the one shot but.. 2) If he did, you would think he would go back and make possibly another shot to ensure he was dead, if he was that serious about killing Ben. I might be getting picky here, but what do you guys think?

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