Jacob is the protector of the light. Is it acceptable for a protector of something critical to the continuation of life to be flawed? Are Darlton presenting a parallel to Jesus - the "human" side of an all knowing God? Christians believe that Jesus was sent by God to "show the way" to mankind, how to live a human existence with flaws and all.

  • On the other hand, the light is already in man, per Mother.
  • So should someone commit their faith in a flawed protector or look inward? I'm not trying to make this a religious debate. The blogs are saturated presently with dialogues about what is Faith vs. Science, Order vs. Chaos. The themes which Darlton are exploring. Remember how much debate we had over who was really the good one, Jacob or MIB? At the time, I for one assumed that once we knew that for certain, we would know who's side we should be on. Now, it is clear that Smoke Monster has become evil and needs to be stopped. However, Jacob admitted he did not know how to kill him, if he could be killed. I would go further to assert that Jacob doesn't know the one right way. Can Jack safely veer from the course Jacob was following? Is there a way out of this that is not Jacob's way?
    • I think that the ultimate test of Faith is having faith in oneself. Jack demonstrated that on the sub but couldn't convince Sawyer. Will Jack keep the faith?

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