The time will come when we find out which will prevail, the Flash-Sideways (FST) or the Original Timeline (OT). Perhaps they will somehow merge. Or perhaps one isn't real and will go away. I have a theory (or just wonder what if ) someone, most likely Jack, will have to make the choice for them all which timeline to stay in. This won't happen before he has knowledge of what could be in both timelines, similar to Desmond being able to remember some of his experiences during time-traveling within the OT. If Jack in the FST remembers the OT, would he go around gathering everyone up so they could recreate the crash once more and get back to the island? Or if while on the island in the OT, should he accept a chance, if given, to shift them all permanently into the FST? Remember that he would have a son in the FST, and Sayid would at least get to see Nadia. Claire would be reunited with Aaron, and maybe Sawyer would find Juliet. But they would be giving up the connections made between all of them and the experiences from the OT. Should be an easy choice but based on what I've read around here, most of us find the FST a yawn. Is this what they get for messing with their futures in the first place? They changed things so that the Oceanic flight didn't crash as a way to get them all off the island. Do you think the FST counterparts would rather be back on the island if they could.--Destinedjourney 21:32, March 27, 2010 (UTC) What would you do?

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