If you assume, as I do, that between Desmond and chance, each Lostie will have an experience which causes them to remember their OT lives, what do you think those remaining experiences will be? It has to be something that matters to them. Like Charlie nearly choking and Desmond being underwater which reminded him of Charlie's last minutes in The Looking Glass. Here's what I think so far:

  1. Jack; Either Christian's body finally turns up ready for burial or, while operating on Locke he flashes to the operation on Ben and the decision whether to save him or not;
  2. Sawyer: encounter with Juliet
  3. Hurley: We've seen it with Libby and the picnic
  4. Sayid: Don't have a good one for him - - what do ya'll think?
  5. Claire: Aaron's birth
  6. Kate: Aaron's birth
  7. Sun: I think we've seen it with her recognition of Locke (it's him) but I guess the trigger is her having been shot. Only she still didn't act different when she saw Jin after recovering. After first asking if the baby was okay, wouldn't she have then immediately started freaking about what she remembered?
  8. Jin: Don't know
  9. Locke: Since he's under anesthesia right now (btw, why wasn't he intubated? just so Jack could see his face in the mirror or is intubation not always necessary during surgery?), I don't know if during the surgery he might remember......
  10. Juliet: encounter with Sawyer

Okay, now it's your turn

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