What will happen when FST Locke remembers the OT?

  1. Most people blogging seem to agree that in the FST Desmond hit Locke to make him remember the OT
  2. If Locke remembers being on the island, will he go on to remember turning the wheel and getting off?
  3. If he remembers that much, will he remember Ben killing him?
  4. If he remembers his death, can he remember beyond that to the MIB using his form to kill Jacob and who Flocke now is on the OT island?

I am trying to think through what Locke can and will do about any of this if he does remember as a result of Des giving him a near death experience.

  • Will Locke want to find the island that cured him and which he so loved staying on in the OT?
  • Would he still feel this way about it now that he is with Helen?
  • Would he remain the person he is in the FST or will a memory of who he became on the island both before and after being taken over by the MIB affect who he is in the FST?
  • Most importantly, what will he do about it if he realizes that he was such a player on the island?

And does Desmond know all of it (let's assume he does in the FST, that seems to be what we are seeing) and so will Desmond manipulate or guide FST Locke into making some sort of change to Locke's OT past so as to change it's that Desmond's plan....does Desmond even care about the big picture or just having each individual get that epic revelation of a memory so he can share how special it is with the other O815 passengers? Give me your thought brothas!(and sistas)

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