So many blogs are getting distilled down to a few really strong themes around Jacob vs. MIB and the argument over which of them is good vs. evil or both. The different opinions are fascinating, and, guess what - - just like with Lost, its impossible to tell who's wrong and who's right. Then it hit me: We, the viewers, are the variable in the final equation. Yes, there will be one ending, but I'm predicting that there will be as many different theories about what the ending means as there are viewers. Don't misunderstand, I'm not saying I think the writers are going to deliberately leave loose ends or make it ambiguous. I just have come to realize that it is human nature to judge and we judge based on what we can identify with. You want a happy ending, I'll bet there'll be people happy if it ends with all our Losties getting warm/fuzzy outcomes. But just as many of you will be unhappy with that won't be realistic, hard enough. You want answers...some will be happy with answers, others will be frustrated at not being allowed to project their own wishes onto the outcome. You get my drift. We are hard to please but we are the variables that will decide on whether Lost is successful, on whether MIB and Jacob and all the rest are wrong or right, etc. etc. How does that make you feel?

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