Okay, I concede defeat. I am going to go out Jack and Desmond fashion and just find the zen so I can be at peace with what's happening on Lost. Let's just put it all out there and accept what must be true:

  1. MIB WAS Christian. Here's where that leaves us: Why did MIB want to take Claire away from Aaron. Wouldn't it have been easier for him if he had Claire leave Aaron out where he couldn't be found and the threat, which Aaron must be to him, would be eliminated once and for all?
  2. MIB lies about the water. He could travel over water if he wanted to but won't do it until he has eliminated all the candidates. So why does he save Jack from the explosion?
  3. The timelines are screwed. There is not consistency, the FST days are equivalent to a week long. Guess the writers just think we're stupid. REALLY?? :(
  4. The whispers are the dead who can't move on. Actually I'm totally okay with that. Score one :)
  5. Sun and Jin's reunion was supposed to be anticlimatic. And the reason for this is...uh..bad acting?
      • What else can we just give in to and move past? And where does that leave us?

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