I am far from a mathematician but when the last episode was entitled "substitute" it got me thinking about mathematical equations that use all these terms: Substitute = replacing a variable in an equation with a substituted actual value in order to solve the problem; Variable = the values which may be changed Constant = the fixed value

Given these definitions and that they have been used by writers prominently I feel they are giving us a clue to solve the equations which is Lost.

Faraday said that the people were the variables and that he had not emphasized them enough in his work. We know that constants were Penny and Desmond. Locke was a substitute. I feel like we're being given information here to solve an equation if you will, but WHAT IS the equation so that we can plug in the values and get the end result?!

Sorry if someone has already talked about this. You math geniuses out there please help me put this together...what comes next?--Destinedjourney 00:33, February 20, 2010 (UTC)

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