I have 4 questions that I have wanted answered for awhile, like #3 especially, but haven't seen addressed anywhere. Feel free to give your opinion on one or all. They aren't listed in any particular order.

  1. Is Daniel Faraday experimenting in the FST? Am I wrong in thinking that Eloise would have still had her baby,Daniel, whether on the island or off, before the time split? Assuming so, couldn't he still have developed his time machine and is he now using what end?
  2. Did Jacob lie to Dogen in Osaka? In the FST we see Dogen with his son. How can this be? Dogen in the OT was responsible for his son's death except for the intervention of Jacob. If Jacob did not intervene in the FST, which we assume is so, then the son should have died as a result of the accident. Did Jacob lie, was the son going to recover without Jacob's intervention. It's possible the accident never occurred, but what changed?
  3. Why can't Christian's body be found? Some people on the island get infected by the smoke monster/MIB (Claire, Sayid, Rousseau' team) but they don't die first. Other's die and their corpse is mimicked (Alex, Locke) and then there's Christian. He is dead but his body has always been missing. Why is he a seperate case from the others? Now that MIB is inhabiting a new body (Locke) why doesn't Christian's body turn up, will it....what is the significance?
  4. Why did MIB need Locke's body vs. the one he was in? I get that he needed Locke for the loophole to kill Jacob, but once that was done why can't he do whatever he's planning in the same body he had? It's not like anyone now believes he's Locke. Is this just to keep the actor in the show?

If you have an answer I'd appreciate it, these are really bugging me and I haven't gotten a satisfactory explanation yet. Thanks!

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