When Desmond goes to Widmore's office Widmore gives him his assignment to babysit Charlie. But the strange thing is that he begins by explaining to Desmond that his son is a musician. Now wouldn't your right hand man who you trust with your thorniest problems would already know this? And then Des goes to Eloise and reveals he has never met Eloise, in fact, when greeting him Eloise says, and I quote:"It's about time " we meet. Again, wouldn't your most trusted employee have met your wife by now? We've seen things previously in the FST that made this world seem off somehow. For example Det. Ford being bugged while he, ahem, "works" undercover. Locke's odd looks as a sub towards Ben. There are more but I am forgetting them at this moment. But I am not the only one that has found this FS timeline to be a little strange.

  • Are they hinting to us that the Losties DID just start these sideways lives at the point when the plane didn't crash and have perhaps been given past lives that just were created on the spot? And somebody, whoever designed these past lives, like giving Jack a son, forgot to fill in every little detail precisely?

Am I the only one who senses the strangeness????????

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