The Losties time traveled in order to change their past. To make it so that they did not crash. In effect, to give themselves a second chance. It occurred to me, what if they do succeed? Where does that leave us? Is it okay if they changed their past in order to save the world from the evil that is MIB? Would it be just as okay if they did it in order to simply save themselves? I ask because changing the past sets up certain implications such as:

  • if I mess up, it's okay because I can go back and "fix things"
  • why not play with life because, hey, there's always a way out?"
  • things may be okay but what if they could be better, do you feel lucky....want to gamble on changing fate?

and so on. Do you think it's okay under any circumstances to have second chances in life, to play with the past, and what precedents does that establish, what risks to how we behave?

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