Here is a rap that might be of interest to those of you who were kind enough to help me out with this. In my daughter's eight grade Integrated Physics and Chemistry class, some students showed this rap off of YouTube. It is about the Large Hadron Collidor. This is how to teach Physics in 2010!

The assignment is now complete, I am just posting this for fun.

Apologies first for using lostpedia blog to post this but my eight grade daughter has a science paper due this week and we can't find an answer to a question she has:

  • Theoretically, could a quark, if it existed in another universe with different natural laws, have a different mass than quarks which exist in our universe with our laws?
    • She is doing a paper for her IPC (Integrated Physics and Chemistry) class about possible new life forms in other universes. She has hypothesized that there could be new life forms if the mass of quarks were different than what we have in our universe, but can't find anything to back this up.
  • I know there are many brainiac QM and physics people out there in lostpedia land, do any of you have a SIMPLE answer to this? Like yes or no, it could be possible because.....Remember, this is for an eighth grade (9th grade high school equivalent) science class.

Thank you, Thank you.

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