I would LOVE to blog about something besides is or isn't MIB = Christian so here are my points of interest:

  1. Why did Sayid say that it was MIB who brought him back to life?
  2. I think it was planned all along for Kate to assist with Aaron's birth so that she could connect with Claire at this time. This would mean Jack was meant to choose to help Boone and send Kate to help Claire instead when she went into labor. Possibly also meant Boone was meant to be injured. Meant by Jacob???
  3. Could Ilana be under contract to Widmore in the FS? They never said why she was expecting to see Desmond, and it would be likely that he would use the company attorney. Just wonder if it is significant.
  4. Why did Flocke really split up the group? He said it he wanted to travel faster. BS

What do ya'll think?

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