Last night in episode ELH, Flocke told Desmond that the well was dug by people who found that the island made compass needles spin or something like that. They were looking for answers. We know that the island is full of EM and that magnets interfere with polarities. The island also took a prominent role with 3 quotes:

  1. Ben after Ilana's death: "The island was done with her, makes me wonder what's going to happen when it's done with us"
  2. Conversation between Desmond and Flocke: "this island has it in for you- for all of us - /Yes is does."
  3. Richard to Hurley: "Ask him (Jacob) what the island is."

Finally, we have the lighthouse with it's compass indicators and Eko's prayer stick.This is a quote from the wiki:" After Eko's death, Locke retrieved the stick. Locke intended to use the stick as a marker for Eko's grave. As he was pounding the stick into the ground, he noticed an inscription: "Lift up your eyes and look north John 3:05". ("I Do") Locke interprets "305" as a northward compass bearing, which leads John, Kate, and Sayid to the Flame station."

  • To me, this is like finding buried treasure using a pirate's map, only we have an island that can move and distort compass directions to hide what it wants to keep hidden. Any thoughts?

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