I know this is so late into the game, but since I have recently become more fascinated with Pierre Chang, it made me remember the Orchid experiment I think (?) with the rabbit. He had a rabbit numbered 15 which was replicated. He got upset that they couldn't interact because of the time continuum stuff (sorry, I don't know all the sci-fi QM jargon). What if during the attempted explosion of Jughead there was an interaction with the electromagnetism which created replicas of the Losties? Some ended up in the future of 1977, leading to the 2004 FST cast, and others remained their "originals" now in 2007? This has probably been explored to death already and I think was all about the Casimir effect according to the Dharma videos, and if it is dead in the water just say so. I was just wondering if it meant anything....

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