Could the epic battle that is going to determine who lives and who dies really be taking place in the FST? Widmore and Flocke have stated that their respective sides must win or they all die. Lost has confused us though, with what is reality. I pose the idea that they are also confusing us about what is "death." I am stepping into it here so bear with me:

  1. Scientists have theorized that a universe which would support conscious beings cannot exist without a conscious being to observe it;
  2. Therefore, can a conscious being conceive of a non-universe or nothingness?
  3. Desmond is special because he has been able to remember the OT while in the FST
  4. The OT losties changed the future by causing the plane to not crash (among other things) and therefore they now exist in the FST
  5. The OT losties still exist....or do they? Given #1 and #2 above, can they have existed if there is no conscious memory of them?
  6. If there is to be a conscious memory of them, Desmond must get the FST losties to remember their past which they diverted from or changed.
  7. If Desmond fails, the FST losties will not remember and the OT losties will fade into nothingness, as if they never existed.

It is perhaps like someone with Altzheimers...When they loose their memory of a person or event, in their reality it as if they/it never existed.

I have been reading two books lately which have led me to thinking this way, in addition to finally understanding some of what @Sean Sheep and other QM experts have been saying. The books in case you're interested are "Grimus" by Salman Rushdie and the one I'm trying to read now is"The Road to Reality" by Roger Penrose.

What do you think?

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