Wouldn't it be killer if Miles stumbles across Christian's body and hears from him? I have been saying in other blogs/theories that Christian's body being missing in both timelines is nagging at me. Then it hit me, Miles could be a key in finding out what's going on if Christian's corpse could be located. The other possiblity is for Miles to hear from his dead dad, Pierre, whom I'm thinking is dead on the island somewhere as well. For this to happen we would have to assume that Christian's body was inhabited by the MIB but now that he has Locke's body, Christian's body will re-appear. Claire never indicated that she saw her dad and her friend together. It may just be wishful thinking because I want Miles to have more of a role but I've also always wondered why Jacob, via Bram, tried to keep Miles off Team Widmore. Widmore recruited Miles for his ability to hear from the dead. Now that ability could be put to good use.Destinedjourney 19:09, March 6, 2010 (UTC)

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